Everyone Is Making Fun Of New York City For Their Pathetic Snow Day

Kids actually got to stay home today?!
Everyone Is Making Fun Of New York City For Their Pathetic Snow Day

We've seen some awesome snow this year in Canada. If you partake in skiing or snowboarding, I'm sure you've been stoked about all the powder out there to shred. 

But not all North American cities handle a snowstorm with as much verve and vigour as Montreal, as was seen in New York City this morning.

City officials decided to close schools yesterday evening in a preemptive safety measure after a projected snowfall threatened to make for a dangerous and difficult commute.

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TL;DR While parts of Quebec have seen over 100cms of snow this winter, New York City has cancelled school today due to a projected 6-8 inches... which is looking more like a wee dusting now.

Despite the projections, it turns out the city really did not get very much snow at all, and people are calling out the officials for their fearful decision.

Snow days in New York are regular days up here in Montreal. Snow removal here is a massive investment and New York can do more.

March 4, 2019

This is the most pathetic snow day ever. Where is the snow @nycgov? pic.twitter.com/VJAEaoErT0

March 4, 2019

The picture above, taken this morning, really shows that the city only received a dusting of snow, certainly nothing worth cancelling school over.

Even last night, photos show that the snow was not sticking, as temperatures were not cold enough to keep the white stuff on the ground.

No snow on the ground yet - it’s all melting pic.twitter.com/SzcZueAmjO

March 3, 2019

are you kidding me, there is barely any snow out there! And no schools, WTF????

March 4, 2019

In an effort to keep buses off the roads, officials cancelled school in the city.

While, of course, the decision was with the best of intentions, many people were beyond ticked after it turned out that there was barely any snow to be seen.

Guessing there are a lot of parents in New York extremely annoyed about that wrongheaded schools Snow Day call last night. 😐

March 4, 2019

False snow day New York is the best New York

March 4, 2019

Most of these tweets are seemingly coming from New Yorkers themselves!

The city has certainly seen real storms in recent winter history, so it's pretty funny that they are essentially calling out their own officials for being so soft.

U should open schools since this snow is a joke

March 4, 2019

New York is so soft now. We just got 4 inches of snow and schools are canceled already......I don’t get it.

March 4, 2019

I have to interject here and say: be careful what you wish for, New York City!

March is statistically the worst month for intense winter storms, so don't be asking for a blizzard too hard... or you might get what you as for.

Good point for a snow day you need snow I thought we in New York were tougher then that

March 4, 2019

New York snow is so weak. Send us a blizzard, u coward.

March 4, 2019

The east coast is no stranger to insane winter weather, so often when Montreal gets walloped, New York sees some of it, too. 

And you don't see us ever asking for a blizzard... we know better.

"You call this a snow day?" me, channeling my family in Wisconsin, looking out my window in New York this morning pic.twitter.com/RPhhskvMqc

March 4, 2019

We new yorkers are chill about everything EXCEPT snow. We go in hard at work with the weather small talk, love to complain about it lol. Shout out to #Wisconsin youre the real MVP🤣❄️ #newyork

March 4, 2019

Of course, just like New Yorkers give credit to Wisconsinites for their true snow strength, us  Montrealers must give credit to our northern neighbours.

Like... literally anyone north of us. Or in a city/village that doesn't have the heavy-duty snow-removal systems that we have.

People living in the Territories, I'm looking at you. You are the true winter warriors.