Everyone Is Talking About "Insatiable" Netflix Canada's Controversial New Show

The internet is going crazy over this series.
Everyone Is Talking About "Insatiable" Netflix Canada's Controversial New Show

A hot new show is airing on Netflix Canada today.  You've likely heard of it already because it's causing quite an internet buzz, or should I stay - stir.

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The show is called Insatiable, and in short, it's about a high school girl who transforms from overweight to totally thin, practically overnight. It's the story of how her skinny new self-plots revenge on all the people who bullied her when she was overweight. 

The show's centralthemes touchona few hot-button and controversial subjects, mainly weight, body image, and eating disorders. 

The word "fat shaming" has already been liberally thrown around to describe the show. However, the 12-episode series decided to explore a more humorous approach, and classifies itself as a "dark comedy." Check out the official trailer below, you will get an instant feel for the whole vibe and aesthetic. 

Already by watching the trailer, you can see how this show is not taking itself too seriously. Via the colorful and bubbly outfits, color story, and makeup, the Riverdale-type world she is living in is purposely over-the-top and is attempting to satirize and subtly poke fun at our image-obsessed culture. 

Despite satirical nature of the show, people are still criticising the series for not tactfully addressing issues of weight in young women, going so far as to say this show fetishizes weight problems and eating disorders that come along with it.

More importantly, many critics of the show claim that it is "fat shaming" women as the main character is portrayed as lazy, disheveled, and just generally unattractive when she is shown as fat in the first part of the series. 

The show was so heavily criticized by body positive activist that a petition was released to stop the show from airing. It received over 228,000 signatures so far. 

Despite the massive online backlash, the show will still be airing on Netflix Canada today.  Once you've watched the show, you can then form your own opinion.  I'm confident we will be hearing a lot about it over the weekend. 

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