Everyone Is Talking About Netflix Canada's Shocking Donald Trump Documentary

The most honest investigation of Trump's character.
Everyone Is Talking About Netflix Canada's Shocking Donald Trump Documentary

It's impossible to turn on a media or news outlet today and not see Trump's name plastered all over the headlines.

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TL;DR A docu-series called "Trump: An American Dream" which was originally created by Britain's Channel4 and now acquired by Netflix is being recognized and praised for its honest and "thorough" investigation of Donald Trump's life and true character.

Trump news is almost always negative news. Very few people have positive things to say about Donald Trump. In the end, we all love to hate him. 

Now, documentary film makers are capitalizing on the current Trump obsession.

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Since the begining of his presidency, several documentary series have been produced which aim to tell Donald Trumps story, like Showtime’s The Circus and Netflix’s Dirty Money. 

However, one docu-series in particular is currently being recognized and praised for its "neutral" approach to the Trump story.

Netflix's Trump: An American Dream aims to examine the question: Who is Trump, really?

In world where everyone has a opinion and a voice, a totally un-biased portrayl of Donald Trump sounds unheard of.

Focusing on Trump's early life, from his financial successes in the 80s to his political career aspirtations later on, this series - formatted into four 1-hour long episodes - carefully paints a picture of Trump's life via the personal accounts of individuals who have worked closest to him over the past 50 years. But most importantly, people who both like him, and dislike him.

That said, it seems that, a few of the interviews conducted for this documentary have revealed some shocking truths about Trump.

Most notably, two ghost writers who probably know Trump best were interviewed and say some pretty disparaging things about him, that he is  “value-free” and a “sociopath” with “no conscience.” 

Although we often hear these remarks thrown around by the media, these comments are coming straight from people who worked directly with Trump for years at a time, ultimately, they carry more weight and truth.

In the end, this docu-series earned itself a 88% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the opening scenes from the series below!


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