Everyone Is Talking About The "Mysterious Rainbow People" Taking Over Montreal, Here's What's Actually Happening

A few days ago I found a creepy picture of people painted in red, standing in the Montreal metro. 

Then a few days later, more photos started popping up, followed by some videos.

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Only no matter how many comments you come across, no one ever actually bothers to explain what the hell is going on. 

Some people even claim that when they walked up to these "painted people" and asked them what they were doing, the people remained silent, like a more colorful version of the blue man group.

Here are the various explanations we've found so far. 

Some believed this was part of a movement to celebrate Montreal's diversity, although we couldn't find any info to support that. 

At first, When only the red people were spotted, most assumed it was some kind of animal cruelty protest. But that was before the purple, yellow, green, and blue people were spotted.

After that, the general consensus seemed to be that this was part of a campaign, either for Montreal's 375th,or possibly some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign for The Bay.

For awhile there we didn't think we'd ever find out what the hell was happening, which only made this seem weirder. But thanks to our readers, we finally figured it out.

In the end it turns out this is a walkabout called "les gens de couleurs": 

"A rainbow performance featuring strange characters painted head to toe in colour. Half mime, half statue, they roam the streets, creating playful and beautiful scenes on a whim."

You can read all the details about it here!