Everyone's Talking About People Being Scammed At The Coldplay Concert, Here’s What Actually Happened

Last night was supposed to be an evening of musical magic, with fans of Coldplay expecting to be serenaded by the ever-smooth vocals of Chris Martin. 

But for some fans, an evening of Coldplay ended abruptly. 

When showing their tickets to staff at the Bell Centre, where the band was playing their two Montreal shows, they were turned away at the door. 


Because a group of about 20 Coldplay fans got scammed, purchasing fake tickets for the concert they thought were real. 

Reports are coming in from all over about the fake-ticket scam. Eva Romano spoke to CBC and CTV about her awful experience, the dark moment of being turned away from a concert she thought she bought (rather expensive) tickets to attend. 

According to a police spokesperson, 17 official complaints were filed in relation to the Coldplay ticket scammer. 

Among them was our very own Miranda Cipolla, who also had her heart crushed when she was told her Coldplay tickets were a fake. 

Miranda and Eva are good friends, and bought the tickets together. And to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you, Miranda gave us some insight into the ticket fiasco. 

So here's what actually happened. 

Back in April, after the Coldplay concert quickly sold out, Eva went on Kijiji in search of someone selling spare tickets. 

To Eva’s surprise, she found a seller, a man going by the name of Vince who said he worked for a company, Billets Prestige/Prestige Tickets Online, that resold concert tickets online. 

Vince told Eva he was reselling $40 tickets to the Coldplay show for $100 …each. 

Both Eva and Miranda thought that $200 for tickets worth $80 was a bit expensive, but since the pair love Coldplay, and they figured that it makes some sense the seller would need to make profit off of the tickets, they decided to buy them. 

Eva met Vince in St. Leonard, handing him $200 cash in exchange for the two tickets. Eva told him she was a bit worried that the tickets wouldn’t work out, but Vince reassured her everything was on the level. Vince even provided an “invoice” for the tickets, which you can see below. 

When Eva and Miranda saw the two tickets, which were printouts that looked “super legit” according to Miranda, the now-believing-their-Coldplay-dreams-came-true duo thought everything was gravy. They had two tickets to Coldplay and all they had to do was wait 4 months until the show. 

And so they did, getting more and more excited with each passing day. 

On the day of the concert, August 9th, Eva and Miranda planned a full day of festivities. The two went out to eat, listened to Coldplay songs, and sent each other pictures from the Coldplay show the night before. Neither expected to have their dreams ripped away from them in the coming hours. As Miranda puts it, “we had flown too close to the sun.”

When the two finally got to the gate of the Bell Centre, besides themselves in anticipation, a woman working for the Bell Centre scanned their two tickets. That’s when the darkness started creeping on Miranda and Eva’s sunny adventure to see Coldplay. 

The tickets were rejected, and the Bell Centre staff member told them to go to the box office. So they did, and when the box office attendant scanned the pair of tickets, they plainly told the girls someone scammed them. Doctored to look like tickets to the Coldplay show, the tickets in Miranda and Eva’s hands were actually for a Green Day concert back in March. 

“To say we were heartbroken is an understatement” says Miranda.  “There were tears. There was disappointment. I may have threatened murder, who knows.”

Miranda and Eva went straight to the nearest police station right after, seeing a group of about 20-25 people in the exact same situation. The police didn’t even need to ask the two why they were in the station, they simply handed them a report to fill out upon arrival. 

After chatting with the other people who got ticket-scammed, the group realized they were all fooled by the same person: Vince from Billets Prestige/Prestige Tickets Online

Obviously the group’s collective anger and frustration grew even more upon that realization. Worse still, while Miranda and Eva were scammed out of $200, some people got ripped off even harder. One unlucky girl lost $400 buying tickets for her family, Miranda says, and even some children were in the crowd of people scammed by Vince. Some even flew in to Montreal just for this concert, only for their tickets to be fake. 

Unfortunately, not much else could be done for Miranda, Eva, and the many others scammed by “Vince,” or whatever his real name is. Let this be a cautionary tale, then, because you never really know who’s out to rip you off. 

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