Everyone's Talking About The Girl In Toronto Who Climbed A Crane, Here's What Actually Happened

Today the big story in the news is about a woman in Toronto who thought it would be a good idea to climb a construction crane. 

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Here's what we know so far:

  • At about 4:00 am this morning, Toronto emergency crews received a call about a woman in her 20's who had climbed a crane on Wellesley Street in downtown Toronto. 

  • The woman had apparently climbed up the crane, made her way over to the cables that were holding the pulley, and slid down the cable all the way to the pulley.

  • She was trapped 12 stories (30 meters) up in the air.

  • This officially makes her the woman with biggest metaphorical balls in the world. (Not a verified fact)

  • By 6:30 am the firefighter platoon Chief said it would take at least another hour before the woman could be rescued.

  • The woman was stuck up there for 4 hours in total. 

  • A firefighter finally made his way up the crane, repelled down to the pulley, attached a harness to the woman, and then they both made their way safely to the ground. 

  • The woman has been arrested for public mischief, and was then taken to the hospital under police custody.

Firefighter Rob Wonfor brought the woman down safely. In 20+ years, he's never seen anything like what happened today. pic.twitter.com/qP8GZnSpPc

April 26, 2017

No one seems to know why the woman decided to do this. 

Maybe she saw one of the YouTube climbing videos. Unfortunately, those videos don't show you how the climbers get back down. Or perhaps she just wanted an really epic selfie for her Instagram. 

You can see videos of the rescue here.

Both emergency responders are now positioned above the woman. pic.twitter.com/HokQOFIF3b

April 26, 2017