Everyone's Talking About The Montreal Man Who's Going To Jail For A Joke, Here's What Actually Happened

This morning, everyone is talking about the man who got arrested for playing a bad joke in the metro, here's what actually happened:

On March 16th at around 6:45 pm a 42 year-old man named Éric Duchesne decided he wanted to play a prank on someone when he was waiting for the metro at Place D'Armes.   

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He grabbed a 29 year-old strangers' arm and pretended to push him onto the metro tracks before pulling him back and laughing that he saved his life. 

Duchesne may have thought it was funny, but the judge certainly didn't. He appeared in court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to assault, and the judge sentenced him to 5 month in jail! 

Duchesne is also banned from being inside a metro station for 3 years, and the judge said that if he had the power, he would forbid him from making jokes. 

The prosecutor said he can't imagine why a 42 year-old man would act this way. 

Duschene claims he had mixed alcohol and medication on the day he decided to make the joke. 

But as the judge said: “I was just kidding” is no excuse.