Everyone's Talking About United Airlines Man Beaten & Dragged Off Flight, Here's What Actually Happened

The story keeps getting crazier and crazier.
Everyone's Talking About United Airlines Man Beaten & Dragged Off Flight, Here's What Actually Happened

By now you've nodoubt seen the photos and video of a man being violently dragged off a United Airlines plane, but what exactly happened? 

Here's what we know so far.

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The flight was supposed to be going from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, but it was being delayed because United Airlines needed to make room for four employees of a partner airline. 

The crew asked if anyone would like volunteer to give up their seat in exchange for $400, a hotel room, and a flight the next day. No one volunteered so the offer was increased to 800$, and still no one was willing to give up their seat. (One news site even reports the offer went up to $1000.)

At that point, 4passengers were selected at random by the computer to get off the plane. 

That's when shit hit the fan. 

#flythefriendlyskies@united no words. This poor man!! pic.twitter.com/rn0rbeckwT

April 10, 2017

According to passengerson the plane, the man you see being dragged in the video refused to give up his seat. He was a doctor who had patients to treat the next day and couldn't wait for another flight. That's when airport security came in to remove the man from the plane. 

He was pulled from his seat which is apparently when he "went limp" and hit his head on a headrest, which knocked him out and caused the bleeding you see in the photos. That's when he was dragged off the plane.

The officer who grabbed the passenger was placed on leave and after a 3 hour delay the flight eventually left for Chicago without the passenger on board. 

This morning, The CEO of United Airlines made this statement :

"We sought volunteers and then followed our involuntary denial of boarding process (including offering up to $1,000 in compensation) and when we approached one of these passengers to explain apologetically that he was being denied boarding, he raised his voice and refused to comply with crew member instructions (...) He was approached a few more times after that in order to gain his compliance to come off the aircraft and each time he refused and became more and more disruptive and belligerent." - Oscar Munoz

He claims that the employees followed the proper procedures for dealing with situations like this. 

What do you think?

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