Everything Coming And Going From Netflix Canada This Week

It's going to be a great week!
Everything Coming And Going From Netflix Canada This Week

This past week we got a ton of awesome new releases on Netflix Canada and this week is going to be even better. 

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Highlights this week include the highly anticipated series Maniac as well as Quincy, Nappily Ever After and new episodes from Gotham, the Good Place and The Walking Dead. 

September 17 

The Witch


Believing that a witch has cursed their family, pilgrims homesteading on the edge of a primeval New England forest become increasingly paranoid.

September 18 

D.L. Hughley: Contrarian - Netflix Original


Comedian D.L. Hughley riffs on politics, "Black Panther," his upbringing and more in a rapid-fire stand-up show at Philadelphia's Merriam Theater.

September 20 

The Good Place: Season 2

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

Due to an error, self-absorbed Eleanor Shellstrop arrives at the Good Place after her death. Determined to stay, she tries to become a better person.

September 21 

Battlefish - Netflix Original

Over the course of the fishing season, a group of fishing boats pursues the lucrative albacore tuna in the competitive waters off the Oregon coast.

DRAGON PILOT: Hisone & Masotan - Netflix Original


Recently stationed Air Self-Defense Force rookie Hisone Amakasu is chosen by a dragon concealed within Gifu Air Base to be his pilot.

The Good Cop - Netflix Original


Honest cop Tony Jr. gets advice from his unscrupulous father, retired NYPD officer Tony Sr., about everything from his job to his love life.

Gotham: Season 4

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

Long before he was commissioner, rookie cop James Gordon takes on Gotham City crime and corruption to avenge the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents.

Hilda - Netflix Original


Join Hilda as she travels from a wilderness full of elves and giants to Trolberg, a bustling city packed with new friends and mysterious creatures.

Maniac: Limited Series - Netflix Original


Two strangers find themselves caught up in a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial gone awry. Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Nappily Ever After - Netflix Film

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

Violet has it all: the perfect job, the perfect relationship and the perfect hair. Until she doesn't. What happens when being perfect isn't enough?

Quincy - Netflix Original

The life and career of legendary music producer Quincy Jones are traced in this biographical documentary directed by his daughter, Rashida Jones.

September 23 

The Walking Dead: Season 8

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by branding together to wage a fight for their own survival.

Here's everything leaving Netflix Canada this week:

September 17

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.

Star Trek Beyond

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes

The crew of the USS Enterprise explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy, who puts them, and everything the Federation stands for, to the test.

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