Everything Happening At The Montreal Casino During The Holidays

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Guys, we did it. Let's all take a minute or two to pat ourselves on the back.

Montreal's 375th year has come and gone, and we done did it. We made it through Montreal's harsh 2017 winter (including that random blizzard in March), through our lacklustre summer - and yes, even through the super rainy autumn. And now, here we are. In December.

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Of course December marks the beginning of something way more fun than rainy autumns and lacklustre summers: the holidays!

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The holidays in Montreal are always super fun. The city comes alive and transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland. But one Montreal spot is just a bit of a cut above the rest when it comes to celebrating in style - and that, friends, is the Montreal Casino.

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This year for the holidays, the Montreal Casino has tons of super fun activities and events to help everyone celebrate in style!

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Enjoy a FREE Christmas show at the Valet de Carreau bar

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Okay, but how amazing is the Casino's Valet de Carreau bar? Featuring a 21-meter multimedia wall (!) and performances by guest DJs (and even sometimes bands!) happening basically always - plus, you know, the amazing drinks - this bar is absolutely one you need to swing by during your visit to the casino.

And to make things even more festively fun, the Casino will be putting on 2 FREE live performances at the Valet de Carreau bar on December 24. It'll be Christmas music to the theme of live gypsy jazz, which honestly sounds like the most fun way to experience Christmas music!

The Montreal Casino's Pavillon 67 will be putting on a mind blasting holiday brunch

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Friends, have you ever been to Pavillon 67, AKA possibly the swankiest brunch in the city? It's awesome - they've got tons (and I mean TONS) of different, delicious foods, and you can eat as much as you want (so, yeah, it's pretty much paradise).

Although Pavillon 67 will be serving a brunch and lunch buffet with many tasty options throughout December, on December 25 and January 1, they'll be serving up a very special festive themed brunch, for around $40. So grab your friends and treat them to the best gift of all: never-ending, delicious food.

Get to the Montreal Casino to "put some sparkle in your evening", with their special dedicated to champagne!

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Love sparkling wine?Of course, you do! Sparkling wine is quite possibly the best kind of wine for... well, anything! (Because life is a celebration, guys, don't ever forget that.)

Either way, the Casino totally has your back when it comes to your (totally healthy) obsession with all things bubbly. Throughout the month, until January 11, you can celebrate the holidays with a glass or bottle of sparkling wine. How does a $43.75 bottle of L’Orpailleur Brut sparkling wine from Québec with your meal sound to you? Because it sounds high key PERFECT to me!

And don't forget to stop by the Montreal Casino's Zone to step up the fun a notch or two

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Honestly, the casino is SO much more than just gaming. But if you're going to stop by for a little (responsible!) gaming fun, then you're going to want to check out the Zone.

This super immersive and fun section of the casino is the absolute perfect place to play with friends. The Zone features interactive terminals, as well as live hosts guiding you and making sure your evening is as fun as possible, all making for one holiday celebration you won't soon forget!

Spend New Years Eve experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime meal at L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon

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Foodies, where you at? We all know at this stage in the game that Joel Robuchon slays when it comes to fine dining. And if you've always wanted to try his signature delicious and creative food, then there's no better time than NYE.

For New Years Eve, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Montreal Casino will be putting out special menus. There are two options for at or under $200, with decadent dishes featuring duck, lobster, caviar and a whole lot more. So get glammed up and get ready to spend the last moments of 2017 dining in serious luxury.

Then, to share the love, you can pick up a "food and fun" holiday gift package for a friend!

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Question time: is there anything better on this earth than literally gifting a loved one a package focusing on food and fun? That was a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no, there isn't anything better.

And thanks to the Montreal Casino,you can do just that. They've got awesome gift packages you could pick up for a friend or loved one that start at under $100.

The packages vary, but the most inexpensive one includes a three-course meal at the awesome Le Montreal seafood and grill restaurant and other fun surprises!

All throughout December, you can enjoy a fun festive show at the Cabaret du Casino

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The Cabaret Du Casino is a HUGE, versatile hall (with the most crisp acoustics in the province) where entertainment is super key. Usually they put on dinner shows and super unique musical performances.

During the holidays, though, they're putting on a series of shows at the Cabaret called Nos plus belles chansons de Noel.

As you might have guessed, these shows (going down December 3, 5, 6, 12, 13 and 17, at 1:30 p.m) will feature Nancy Fortin, Marianne Mathieu and Rita Tabbakh accompanied by musicians as they sing classic holiday songs. Christmas spirit, here we come!

Literally, the Montreal Casino is THE place to check out during the holidays. They've got tons of awesome events going down that are sure to show you and your friends a uniquely fun time - and that are perfect to get you guys into the holiday spirit.

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I mean, festive brunch buffets (!), free live shows, NYE specials and a whole lot more super entertaining stuff, just waiting to be discovered by you and your friends? Yeah. Sounds like one seriously awesome time to me, guys!

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For more information on the Montreal Casino and their holiday events, check out their website, Instagram and Facebook page.