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Everything In Canada Gets Better Starting Tomorrow!

The light at the end of the tunnel.
Everything In Canada Gets Better Starting Tomorrow!

You might not know it yet, but tomorrow is going to be the best day ever! Yes I know it’s cold outside, but trust me; everything in Canada is going to better from now on.

Food will taste better, the air will smell sweeter and even Christmas music will seem less annoying.

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That's because tomorrow (Friday, December 21 - 5:23 pm) is the official start of the winter solstice which just so happens to be shortest day of the year.

Shorter days with little sunshine can have a lot of negative impacts on your health and your life. These include vitamin D deficiencies, weight gain, seasonal affective disorder, sleeping issues and even a lower immune system. 

Luckily this Saturday you can wave good-bye to all these problems because the days will be gradually getting longer!

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Every day the sun will be setting 1 to 2 minutes later. And starting January 8th things will speed up even more because the sun will also start rising 1 to 2 minutes earlier every day. So by the end of January we will be enjoying an extra full hour of sunshine every day in Canada. 

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Soon we won't be waking up and coming home in the dark and we will no longer be in a permanent state of exhaustion. 


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