Everything Leaving Netflix Canada July 2017

TV shows and movies you should watch ASAP before they're gone.
Everything Leaving Netflix Canada July 2017

Every month, we release our big giant list of all the new shows and movies that will be added to Netflix. 

But Netflix doesn't keep shows online forever, so eventually some of them are taken off the site, never to be seen again. 

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And since there's nothing's worse than logging on only to discover that the show you've been binge watching has been removed, even though you still had 3 seasons left to watch, we decided to bring you the list of all the movies and tv shows that will be leaving Netflix for good in July.  

July 1

  • Marvel's Iron Man

  • Paper Towns

  • She’s Funny That Way

  • Step Up 1-3

July 2 

  • Disney's Tomorrowland

July 3 

  • Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded

July 4

  • Focus

July 22

  • Sleeping with Other People

July 26

  • Inside Out

And here's everything you have to look forward to on Netflix in July.

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