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Everything You Need To Know About Canada's 150th Birthday But Were Too Afraid To Ask

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Everything You Need To Know About Canada's 150th Birthday But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Well it's 2017 which means that this year, Canada will be celebrating it's 150th anniversary.

But here's the thing. A lot of people seem to be confused because there are actually two celebrations happening simultaneously this year.

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It's Canada's 150th anniversary, but it's also Montreal's 375th anniversary. And lately the 375th has been stealing the spotlight.

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So what exactly is this 150th anniversary? What are we celebrating? And most importantly, how are we celebrating?

Fear, not because this article is here to answer all of these questions and more.

Quick History

The colony of Canada was established in 1534, so some of you may be wondering why we're celebrating 150 years. That's because we're actually celebrating the Canadian Confederation, which is when the colonies of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united as the "Dominion of Canada" on July 1, 1867.

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You are a part of Canada, so of course, you're invited to participate. You can get involved as a volunteer, an organizer, or a participant. There are various festivals, Canada-wide signature projects, special events, as well as a ton of activities you can take part in.

For more information check out the participation guide right here.

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Explore Canada

This is definitely the year to get out there and explore this amazing country of ours. For 2017 all of Canada's national parks, heritage spaces and national museums are 100% free to enjoy. You just need to register for your Discovery Pass.

For more information or to register for your pass click here.

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Crazy celebrations are taking place all across the country. There will be a lot of new special activities and parties planned this year. Additionally, our normal annual celebrations will be bigger and better than ever! Some of the biggest ones include: Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, The Winterlude, the Ottawa-Gatineau 150 Kick Off, and of course the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa.

For a complete list of all the special events and celebrations click here.

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