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Everything You Need To Know About Grad School in Montreal But Were Too Afraid To Ask

If you’ve ever actually sat down and thought about going back to school as a graduate, you know that there’s a lot more to consider than just how many $10 pitchers your student loan can stretch to this time. Grad school is a big personal, financial and educational commitment, and it’s totally normal to tie yourself in knots figuring out what’s gonna be right for you.

So if you’ve been dreaming of another shot at student life but find yourselfwondering whether you did the right undergrad degree, what kind of program you should be shooting for, what exams you need to pass to get in, what the hell a thesis even is, or how you’ll hack another couple of years living off ramen and beer, don’t stress - the QS World Grad School Tour, hitting Montreal this month, has totally got your back.

Here are just a few things they can help you with:

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Why on earth would I even WANT to go back to school?

If you've made it through a bachelor's degree, you know that school brings out the masochist in you. No matter how many early mornings, tight deadlines and monster hangovers university life throws at you, you always find yourself wanting more. That’s a good thing - a post-grad degree can give you a real leg-up in life, scoring you better jobs and solid career options. With industry experts on hand for advice, the QS event will give you pointers on how best to expand your options.

Am I really the kind of person who can go to grad school?

When you’re fresh out of an undergrad, equipped with nothing but your diploma and a strong taste for wearing your pajamas in public, it can seem like grad school is a million miles away from what you’re prepared for. At the QS World Grad School Tour, you get the chance to rub shoulders with hundreds of other prospective students, showing you that there’s no one right way to be a grad student - the key is figuring out which program is right for you.

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Can I just show up and promise to do my best?

Sadly, a good attitude and a charming smile won’t be enough to get you into grad school - there’s a standardized testing alphabet soup of LSATs, GMATs, GREs and IDK what else to get through first. Luckily, a whole host of academic alpha dogs in the form of top school's reps and their admissions directors are ready to help you figure out exactly what you’re getting into, and how many correct multiple choice answers you need to get there.

Do I really have to pay for all this? Like, really?

Working out a budget comes somewhere between dealing with house spiders and having teeth pulled in my own personal list of least favourite life tasks, but it's unfortunately a necessary part of going back to school. If the mere idea of tuition is making your head spin, getting some advice from grad school experts probably sounds pretty good right now. Oh, and the $1.7 million worth of exclusive postgraduate scholarships up for grabs at the fair are probably worth a mention as well.

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Coming to Montreal on January 31, QS World Grad School Tours are old pros at matching confused graduates with their perfect post-grad programs. It doesn’t matter if you’re dead set on further education or just starting to think about it - with all the info you need collected under one roof, registering for this one event could save you a whole lot of frantic Googling down the line.

Reserve your place for the QS World Grad School Tour now. Entry is free for all MTL Blog readers (a saving of $15), so don’t miss out!