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Everything You Need To Know About "Mental Health Awareness Day 2017" But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Today is a pretty important day. That's because this week is national mental health awareness week, and January 25 is mental health awareness day.

But there's a lot of confusion going on around this day. It's actually kind of hard to find any information about it that doesn't lead back to an ad campaign.

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That's why we decided to sort through all the clutter, so you can find out everything you need to know about mental health awareness day.

What Is This Day About?

The point of this day is to end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Why Is Mental Health Day A Thing?

Even though it's common, people with issues often get treated unfairly, either because people think they're faking, exaggerating or just being "weak". But anyone who has suffered though a mental illness can tell you it's no joke. This stigma is the main reason why most people living with mental illness do no seek any help.

How Common Are Mental Illnesses?

1 in 5 Canadians will suffer from mental illness at some point or another in their life.

How Can I Help?

The first you can do is read some stats about mental illness. The second thing is to educate yourself as much as possible about the different types of mental illness. Other things you can do include, promoting awareness, eradicating the myths, and simply talking about it.

Where Can I Get Help?

If you are in crisis, please go to your local hospital or call 911 or Kid's Help Phone immediately.

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