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Everything You Need To Know About Montreal's 4 all-New Metro Weed Stores

Including the slated opening date
Everything You Need To Know About Montreal's 4 all-New Metro Weed Stores

Yesterday, cannabis users in Montreal got some great news. 

Some of our favourite, and most accessible metro stops will soon have marijuana dispensaries inside of them, making it so much easier to get that good smoke en route home, or to the park for a picnic, or whatever your little green heart desires really. 

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This is San Diego's Urban Leaf Dispensary above - hopefully, Montreal's will look similar to this. I loved this place!

Yesterday, I had written the news of the confirmed locations so quickly after it was broadcasted, that I missed out on some of the finer details - but not to worry, we got everything you need to know (that's available) right here!

Montreal and SAQ had reached an agreement this week on the 4 locations of weed dispensaries inside STM Metro stops. They will be located at Lionel-Groulx, Jean-Talon, Radisson and of course, Berri-UQAM. 

Upon announcing these locations, I noticed many of you readers sounded off in the comments with complaints about the "riff-raff" or "more degenerates" in or around these metro stops.

Well, it would seem that some of those comments may be missing the point. 

@cali_bud18embedded via  

Robert Beaudry, of Projet Montreal, has noted that the intention was always to put Montreal's new STM weed dispensaries in "areas that drug consumption was already happening."

It makes sense, at least to me, to put these legal dispensaries in areas with the highest amount of illegal drug sales as a deterrent... and if that still is problematic to you, then I guess you maybe just haven't gotten with the times.

Consultations with police, university representatives, and community groups, as well as toxicologists, were held with Montreal before the new locations were approved.

While no exact location within the confirmed STM Metro zones has been decided on, the SAQ is currently looking at all spaces that are open and vacant. 

The new Montreal marijuana dispensaries will be ready to do business as of July 1 - but they may have to hold off on their big, green, grand opening until the legislation passes - officially. That could still take the federal government up until August or September of this year to properly work out. 

What is more interesting in all the details of this news is that the SAQ-managed Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQC) will open 15 physical stores around the province, and will also offer online sales with delivery by Canada Post.

Beaudry has also said that the city of Montreal and the SAQ are already discussing more dispensaries to be added and that they will follow the same protocol to decide on those inevitable locations. 

To sum it up, more dispensaries could open simultaneously with the announced 4 dispensaries. 

Or at the very least, they could be open to the public within weeks of the first 4 cracking open their doors and providing the consumable green flowers to the people!

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