Everything You Need To Know About Montreal’s STM Metro Staying Open All Night Long On Nuit-Blanche

I'm sure you already know that Montreal's Nuit-Blanche is coming up this Saturday and it is going to be one fun night! There is going to be tons of free events, food deals, and endless photo-ops. 

Thankfully, STM has been gracious enough to keep their services open to the public all night long. 

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There's a little more than meets the eye. So, here is everything you need to know to be prepared to brave the metro system in the wee hours of the night.

1. You still have to pay

Though a lot of events during Nuit-Blanche are free, the metro is not. So, carry your OPUS card with you at all times.

2. The buses will also be available

Don't worry if the metro line doesn't reach your neck of the woods, the bus services will also be up and running. Check out the schedule.

3. The party is continuing in the metro itself!

At Berri-UQAM from 8p.m-10p.m, dance school Cat's Corner will be doing some swing dance. And from 10p.m to midnight, you can even dance some salsa with dance school San Tropez.

Saint-Laurent is going to feature some Sunday Scratch Session artists from 8 p.m to midnight for some awesome improvisations.

4. You can pay once for the whole night

The unlimited evening fair card costs only 5$ and can give you access to both bus and metro from 6 p.m to 5 a.m.

5. Special paratransit services are available

You can even reserve transportation from your home to one of the Nuit-Blanche sites if you call 514-280-8211, option 1. Of course, this is reserved for eligible persons.

6. There are going to be lots of drunk people

I mean, you are probably going to experience this everywhere you go in Montreal that night, but be sure to steer clear of all the drunk people in the metro.