Everything You Need To Know About The New Province Of Montreal

If Montreal separated from Quebec.

Living in Montreal, we're all too familiar with the separatist movement, but it seems there's more than one movement out there. There are of course those who want Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada, but I bet you didn't know there's also a group that wants Montreal to become its own independent province. At least I think ... it's actually kind of hard to tell if this is meant for satirical purposes or if this is a serious political group. One thing is for sure, they really hate IKEA for some reason.

The group is known as The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal and here's what it's all about according to the Facebook page:

  • Salvation through harmony
  • Business is welcome
  • Freedom of choice in education
  • Freedom of expression in commerce and signs
  • Bilingual services at the provincial and municipal levels
  • To legally lobby all levels of government to create a province where there is equality, tolerance, freedom of education and freedom of expression in commerce.
  • To create the province as the Canadian constitution permits

The group's action plan so far has been to promote businesses who have bilingual signs like l'Equipeur and calling for a boycott on those who don't, such as IKEA, which the group accuses of treating Anglophones as second class citizens for not mailing out the yearly catalog in both languages.

There's just one problem though, The New Province of Montreal/La Nouvelle Province de Montréal display the following sentence, which ironically, isn't translated into English:

"En Montréal (no typo, it really says: "En") notre culture est différente de celle du Reste du Québec, notre nourriture, nos langues, notre identité. Nous sommes un peuple. À Montréal, nous sommes tolérants d'autres cultures"

So to avoid forcing The New Province of Montreal to have to boycott its own Facebook group for not making their statements in both French and in English, here's the translation:

"In Montreal our culture is different than that of the rest of Quebec, our food, our languages, our identity. We are a nation. In montreal we are tolerant of other cultures."

Godspeed, New Province of Montreal.

Check out the Facebook Page for yourself.

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