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Everything You Need To Know About What The F*ck The #RunningManChallenge Is

You've probably seen it, but have no idea what it is.
Everything You Need To Know About What The F*ck The #RunningManChallenge Is

In Canada we get everything too late. In fact, according to How I Met Your Mother, “The '80s didn't come to Canada till like '93."

So when I heard about this Running Man craze, I wasn't at all surprised that I was already way too late to the party. But seeing as how most of the people I asked had no idea what hell this new challenge was about, I figured I'd get us all back in the loop.

The Running Man Challenge is simple. You do the Running Man to the tune of the song "My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs.

It was first popularized by players from the university of Maryland during the NCAA championships.

@jaybriddle_1 @damontedodd35 ??

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

 Within a few months there were almost 3,000 videos on Instagram marked #RunningManChallenge. And of course the variations started pouring in.

#runningmanchallenge continued ?? @olem__ @damontedodd35 @jaybriddle_1 @dami0nlee @tc_carter21 @seth04 @michaelamabrey @med_xiii @justinbibbs10 @ts10__ @thatmcduffiekid @nigel_hayes @drobinsoniii @jalenadams2 @a.terrell24 @tl22__ @hallywood_3 @jump.mannn @washfinest_20 @kuzzy_35 @cporter_ @johnny.glaze @lawschool4 @houseofhighlights *credit to @11.oo7 *

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

We some clowns yo for real!!!! We tough though ??? #myboochallenge #runningmanchallenge

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The trend got so out of hand that some police officers started getting in trouble because they were spending to much time making parody videos.

Even Montrealers started getting in on the action.

The only thing that bothers me is that people are calling this the Running Man.

This isn't the Running Man. It's some kind of lazy closed arm version. Almost like they want to do the Running Man, but they're also trying to look cool doing it.

But everyone knows that the only true way to perform a Running Man is to check your ego at the door and go all out, like so:


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