Everything You Need To Know About McGill University Student "Sex Life"

The best place to hook up is listed as...
Everything You Need To Know About McGill University Student "Sex Life"

We live in a crazy world. A world where there's a website for pretty much everything. No matter how insignificant or trivial.

There's a website that rates teachers.

website that rate prostitutes. (Seriously)

And even a website that rate the sex life of Universities around the world.

So when we discovered this fact, it was clear what needed to be done ... we had to see how McGill ranks.

First let me be clear, this site could clearly use a bit of an update, so I'm hoping that anyone who finds this information inaccurate should make a point to go on the site and add your point of view.

Here's what some users had to say:

Women represent more than 60% all of undergrads. The best places to meet guys and girls are student residences, clubs, bars and apparently the steps of the arts building (Weird).

The best place to hook up is listed as "your lover's apartment",  so someone really needs to update that.

McGill is categorized as "clicky" and breaking out of this could be very difficult. Apparently most people in their first year hook up with other students in their residence. Either that or they just meet someone during Frosh where: "basically everyone hooks up with everyone else."

Overall McGill students dress well. They put a lot of work into their looks and it shows. "Even at the ungodly class time of 8:30 a.m., there are a few who will have coordinating shoes, bag, and jewelry."; "Even the hippies seem amazingly put-together."

They even scored guy and girls on several categories (out of 10):

Attractive: Guy 7.1 - Girls 8.3

Athletic: Guy 6.8 - Girls 6.8

Friendly: Guy 7.6 - Girls 7.1

Fun: Guy 7.7 - Girls 7.6

Into partying: Guy 8.6 - Girls 7.8

For more stats on McGill click here.

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