Exactly How Much More Expensive Rent In Quebec Will Be In 2018

A yearly change in prices.
Exactly How Much More Expensive Rent In Quebec Will Be In 2018

Each and every year, rent prices are subject to change depending on the rate-of-increase outlined by the Régie du logement du Québec (RLQ). 

2018 is no different and on Friday the RLQ released its rent increase index, outlining how much more a landlord can legally charge for a rental unit. 

Rent increases are mainly subject to change depending on how a unit is heated. On average, unheated rental units will only change by 0.5%, with units heated by electricity, gas or oil changing at a rate of 0.5%, 0.7% and 1.9%, respectively.

Via RLQ 

All of this info is available on the RLQ website, which also has a handy “rent increase calculation tool” where you can easily figure out how much more you may need to pay for your apartment. 

But be very aware: the RLQ’s figures do not take local tax hikes or major repairs into account.

The major increase in property tax in Montreal, thanks to the 2018 municipal budget, could cause your monthly rent to be more expensive than what the RLQ mandates. 

Also worth remembering is the fact that, in Quebec, both the landlord and renter need to agree on any rent increase. A renter also has the right to reject a proposed increase on their rent. 

If a renter does reject a rent increase, the matter will be taken up with the RLQ.