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The king of the night, Mr. Nokturn graced us with a great interview. We are thrilled to be working with the man that brings Montreal some of the best local electronic music in the city. We love his sounds because not only are they bass banging rave killers, but they posses an unheard of  amount ofenergy and originality. Throw on his tunes, crank up your speakers and read about the guy that blows up stages wherever he goes, Mr. Nokturn!

Besides the Bloody Beetroots and D-Noy, two artists/groups you look up to, where do you find the inspiration and motivation to create such unique and wonderful sounds in your music?

The inspiration is everywhere. When you can take a walk, do it. The art is everywhere. You have 5 sense and every sense is unique for helping you finding inspiration! I like to listen to very old music, it help me to find a way in the new one!

You started creating and mixing electronic music at the young age of just 13, in all of that time what is the best experience your electronic DJ life has brought you?

I can tell you that every new experience is better and better. That help me to see that I am on the good way. But the 'End of the world' show with SJU was one of my best I think. Crazy sound!

Your ideals of all ravers being equal, no bouncers, no v.i.p. and all other things that keep you as an exclusive underground electronic artist are deeply valued. Do you ever see yourself changing any of these to become more mainstream with more money, fans, popularity?

There's a good way and a bad way to become mainstream. You can do like the 'commercial' or 'popular' artist to do like the grand public know, or you can make know your art, and develop your fan base with a fidel crowd. I wish I can have more fans, like every artist want. But I dont want fans because I make music like a popular artist and copy him.

What kind of person are you targeting to come to your shows and groove the night away with Mr. Nokturn?

Every kind of person who like electronic music. Just, everybody. I love variety, and in Montreal, we have the chance to have a multicultural crowd. It's a gift!

Have to ask like we ask most artists, here is your chance to say anything to your fan base in Montreal. What does Nokturn have to say to his fans?

Thank you for being amazing like this. For being here for the love of the music, and thank you for your fidelity. But the most amazing thing is that I have real friends and fans that following me from the beginning!

What can we expect from you in the near future as far as new ep’s, lp’s, singles, or live shows?

I'm about to release my first EP, but I want to work on a concept first. I want it to be unique....I think me and my team can impress you!

Are there any other Montreal artists you have worked with or plan on working with that you could predict more collaborations with in the future?

Collaboration are a key for the succes. I want to do my own production first, and after that, trying to collaborate! More collaboration, more fun!

What’s your favorite way to loosen up for a show? (drink, drank, drunk..etc)

I like to be in the crowd and talking to the people. I want to know what they like. After all, I am Dj because I am from the crowd!

What is your main hang out pad here in Montreal as far as night life goes?

The Belmont is a classic. When you talk about the Belmont, the first word you think about it is 'family'. But I like to discovered new places! I try new hot spot every weeks. It is nice for the inspiration too!

Anything else you wish to share?

I want to tell the world that Montreal is the best place in the world! Haha. And also, MTL Blog is NUTS! :D

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