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Exclusive interview with QULINEZ!

Exclusive interview with QULINEZ!

We got the chance to interview the talented swede duo, QULINEZ before their takeover @ New City Gas next Wednesday. Check out the interview below!

MTL Blog: What are the ups and downs of combining Qulinez and AN21 for one epic show?

Qulinez: We can only see good things about combining us with AN21! He is an amazing guy who make good music!

We are on the same label as well!

What do you have planned for Montreal nightlife after you blow up the stage?

We will try to party and have a good time! But we leave Montreal quite earlie the day after!

We have a show back in Sweden so we have to go home!

From smoked meats to poutine, Montreal has some of the best food in the world. Are there any tasty treats you’re excited to try over all the others we have to offer?

We will try to eat as much as we can in Montreal! We are food lovers so i dont think it will be a problem!

What would you tell your fans as they prepare to attend your show at New City Gas?

We are going to do a very good show! and show them that Qulinez are something that you have to see live!

We gonna give them our love as much as we can.

What are your pre-show rituals? For example: party with booze? Relax with some down time? Etc.

I think we are the one who relax before! and give all on the shows instead

In one word or phrase, how would you describe your upcoming show?


What are you looking forward to most in your trip to Montreal?

The show and the see how they party in Canada!

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