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Exclusive interview with Royalty

Exclusive interview with Royalty

We told you we would have more about the up and coming Royalty. Zander Boudreau and Luis D have given us a radical interview. The duo is growing in popularity like a flower in the spring (we hope spring hurries its ass up). We have ranted about the talents of Royalty and how uniquely awesome we think their sound is so jam to one of their tunes as you read about some of your future favorite artists.

MTL Blog: Montreal fans (including us) are eager as to what you have planned next, any secrets to share on upcoming EP’s or tracks?

At the moment we’re working on a remix for a band from Montreal, our second EP and we have some collabs in the oven as well…

Seeing as you two are deeply immersed in the night life scene here in Montreal, what would be a desired club or venue you would love to perform at?

Anywhere uncommon really, like a loft, a warehouse or a hotel. Not to say the Bell Center wouldn’t beawesome…lol…but we definitely prefer more intimate gigs.

When you’re not making mixes or performing them live, what’s your favorite night life hot spot to havesome fun?

Luis: I like the more chilled & mellow places…anywhere cozy where they bump smooth house or somefunk.

Zander: Luckily for us this city is full of just about any type of place you can think of…but to be honest anywhere that I can hear music I’ve never heard before is always fun…

Royalty plays a new future funk genre style of music, tell us more about what you’re aiming to do and where you found the unique sound.

Our sound came from our mutual love for all things funk and disco…the goal on the production side of things has always been to make the listener feel good...the second you hear Royalty you can’t help but feelgood and start moving…

On a hung over morning, or even a drunk night, where is your favorite food spot to settle your cravings?

Luis : Im huge into the Saint-Viateur bagel ( 24h) after a night of partying it fills you up without makingyou feel like shit about yourself the next day…lol

Zander: I consider myself a “burger enthusiast” so Buns Burger House on Saint Laurent is definitely my goto spot…

When it comes to Montreal girls, describe your desired sex bomb.

Luis: A girl that’s cute but doesn't know it and doesn't try too hard…. and that will also look the same as the night before when the morning comes.

Zander: Montreal is the best city in the world for women! lol…..but there’s nothing sexier on a girl than confidence…. doesn't matter what style shes into…as long as she gives that impression that she’s comfortable and being real no matter what environment…

What do you like to see from an audience at a show? (jumping, kissing, raving, spraying Champaign, etc)

Luis: Any sort of reaction is good and fun….I think I could list the things we DON’T wanna see better lol

Zander: Seeing someone so into the vibe that they seem disconnected from the room is amazing…

The electronic music scene is very large in Montreal, What are your favorite genres you like to sample from and hear from other artist as well.

Luis: We keep an open mind on everything like right now we are working on a remix for a folk band and its been fun….. Makes us think outside of the box and step outside of our comfort zone.

Zander: I’d have to agree…We’re constantly sending each other tunes in all kinds of genres to gain inspiration from…or sample….i’m a sucker for a groovy bass line…

If you were to describe a dream show for you two here in Montreal in a few sentences, how would that party go?

Luis: On a hotel rooftop would be pretty cool with good looking people and maybe a pool . Or a secretgig in a metro wagon would be dope too lol

Zander: Poolside, Summer, Friendly faces….and Jagermeister….the place doesn’t matter

Here is your chance, if you were to tell your fans in Montreal anything what would it be?

To keep sharing the tunes, playing the tunes and coming to the gigs to support! It's crucial…

When a fan sees you hanging out around town or at a show, what would you guys order if they bought you a drink?

Luis: If you're a cute girl anything is appreciated but if you're a guy then I'd say don't it will simply make things awkward go for the handshake instead ahahahaha

Zander: Jagermeister…I brush my teeth with it…

Each of you describe yourselves in one word.

Luis : short

Zander: Taller than him lol

What would you think about playing at an MTL Blog party in the future if we asked you to rock the stage?

Let's do it!

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