Exclusive Interview With SiM

MTL BLOG: How did the band start?

Figz and I were making music together for fun for a good while. We

would often show our songs to our family and friends in order to get their

feedback. The most recurring comment was that our music was unique,

that they could hear our songs on the radio, and that we should start a band

to showcase our music to entire world. We decided to give it a try…you

never know where it could end up.

Where did you get your name from?

When I first got into music, I was producing electro-pop sounds. People

would naturally call me ‘Sim’ as my artist name. When Figz and I got

together, we liked the sound of it and decided to keep it going as the name

of our band.

Which tune from the EP album ‘My Only Feeling’ was the most fun to compose?

I would have to say ‘My Love’ since it was the first track that Figz and I

started composing together. Funny story: I got the idea for the chorus in

the shower…I decided to work with it and, with Figz’ crazy guitar style,

it gave us the song we have today. I guess you can also say that it is our

baby since it was the song that defined our style as a band.

Where do you see your music going?

There’s no limit for where we can go with our music! We love making

music so we’re going to continue to do so for as long as we can.

How can people find out about SiM?

People can follow us online anywhere, anytime. They can start by

checking out our website www.simofficial.com where they can get

information on all our new tracks, albums, shows and get all updates

about us. All the links to our Facebook, Twitter and other social media

platforms are available through the website. And of course, fans can

always get into contact with us through email at our website; we love to

hear comments and suggestions that can make us grow to newer heights.