Experts Say That Canada's Extreme Winter Temperatures Are Here To Stay

Blame climate change.
Experts Say That Canada's Extreme Winter Temperatures Are Here To Stay

It's not like Canadians aren't already used to the extremes of both winter and summer across the country. This winter has been particularly brutal, bringing quite a list of different weather conditions from warm to bone-chilling cold, from freezing rain to record-breaking snowfall. While the east coast has suffered through countless snow and ice storms this season, B.C. is already welcoming the warmth of spring.

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TL;DR Experts warn that tangible effects of climate change have finally become a reality in Canada, with freezing temperatures in the east and warming on the west coast. More details below.

We might just brush off this discepancy as life in Canada, but in reality, these are the effects of climate change. Experts say that the two extremes on opposite sides of the country have been expected for a while, and now it's finally here. 

That's not even the worst news though. Environmental experts across the country agree that these conditions are definitely here to stay. Meaning the east coast will never fail to bring freezing temperatures and mountains of snow each winter while the west coast prepares for a second spring or summer.

It's believed that we have the Arctic to blame for the sudden cold and warm snap. Upper wind patterns of the jet stream have led to cold air pushing down from the north with the polar vortex. Large "waves" in the wind patterns have also caused warmer temperatures in the west.

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So, how does climate change play a role in Canada's new temperatures? Well, it's all the result of a warming and melting Arctic.

The wind pattern will eventually bring cold temperatures further down south into south and central Canada, while warm air continues to push towards the coasts of the country.

Even more concerning is that the weather changes could potentially cause frequent intense storms on the east coast. This weather should serve as a warning to Canadians. The government needs to begin planning for changes that have already hit the country in the form of deadly heatwaves in the summer and debilitating cold during the winter.

Who knows what kind of weather is in store for Canada over the next years. Stay tuned for more information.


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