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Exploding Beer Bottles Are Being Recalled In Quebec

Not your usual IPA.
Exploding Beer Bottles Are Being Recalled In Quebec

When ordering a local craft beer at a restaurant there are a couple things one can expect: bold flavor, unique packaging, significant price tag, however - exploding is definitely not on the list.

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TL;DR  Local craft brewery was required to recall certain products this week due to exploding beer bottles.

The Canadian Inspection Agency announced this past week that a local beer company Microbrasserie Le Castor was required to recall certain beers because of exploding bottles.

Yes - exploding bottles.

I'm not quite sure what this looks like in real life, and the specific cause and the number of explosions were not specified by the Agency, however considering that these are glass bottles it sounds potentially very dangerous.

The Rigeau-based company has recalled three of their beers that are part of their "all year" offerings.

Via microlecastor

Via microlecastor

Via microlecastor

The Oat Stout, Pilsner, and Hop Session have all been pulled off the shelves. These products are sold at specialty stores and bars all across the province. 

The company has released a Facebook post announcing the recall, and informs customers that they have discovered  "high levels of carbonation in the bottles"  which may "lead to exploding bottles."

At least they are making an effort to be transparent.

And the good news: No craft beer lovers have been reportedly injured by the exploding bottles, yet. 

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