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Extreme -50°C Temperatures Continue Across Quebec Today

Another storm system will hit the province later this week.
Extreme -50°C Temperatures Continue Across Quebec Today

If you were able to stay indoors during this entire weekend, without stepping a foot outside, consider yourself very lucky. For others who needed to leave their homes for different reasons, we were met with the mother of all snow storms. Seriously, for the few minutes I had to venture outdoors on Sunday I returned inside with ice already freezing on my legs and out of breath from trying to trudge through the not-yet-plowed streets. 

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TL;DR Environment Canada has released an extreme weather warning for parts of Quebec that will see temperatures reaching the minus 50s later today into Tuesday. Once temperatures warm later this week, the province is expected to be hit with freezing rain. More details below.

So, you're probably looking for some good news to make things just a little better. Well, if summer already felt like its years away, wait until you hear this. The winter storm that's been plaguing our city is about to make another big comeback. Yes, those frigid cold temperatures we all despise? They're about to return this afternoon.

An extreme cold warning from Environment Canada advises that several areas across southern Quebec will be hit with dangerous -50°C temperatures that will last into Tuesday. At temperatures like this, frostbite can occur within minutes, so if you can't stay indoors you're going to want to make your time outside is as short as possible.

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To make everyone hate winter just a little bit more, the weather will not be getting any better after Tuesday. According to The Weather Network, another system is expected across Quebec from Tuesday night throughout Wednesday. 

While the province will begin to see warmer temperatures, this will bring on heavy freezing rain conditions. So all that snow outside right now? Yeah, that's all going to turn into dangerous ice covering walkways, roads and highways.

Stay tuned for more information on breaking weather reports and updates.

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