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Extreme 90KM/H Windstorm Is Going To Hit Parts Of Quebec Today

Wind may cause injury or damage.
Extreme 90KM/H Windstorm Is Going To Hit Parts Of Quebec Today

We can all agree that this might have actually been the worst week of winter so far. Over the course of the last few days we've experienced ice rain, regular rain, warming temperatures, sudden snowfall, an out-of-nowhere drop to below freezing temperatures and back again. We've basically been experiencing all four seasons. All that's left is a major windstorm and we'll have essentially gone through all of 2019 in one week.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has issued an extreme warning for a dangerous 90km/h windstorm that will last across southern Quebec until tonight. The wind is at significant risk of causing severe damage and injury. More details below.

Well, prepare yourselves Quebec, because that windstorm is on its way today. Environment Canada issued an immediate warning this morning for parts of southern Quebec that will experience winds as strong as 90km/h.

The dangerous winds are at significant risk of causing damage not only to peoples homes and any loose objects outside, but may also cause severe injury. 

The winds are expected to last throughout Friday into the evening, with no word on what conditions southern Quebec should expect tomorrow.

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Freezing rain and other symptoms of a raging winter storm is still expected for parts of the province today, in combination with the intense wind, it would be reasonable if you decided to spend the start of your weekend staying safe indoors.

Stay tuned for more information on the dangerous windstorm that has hit Quebec. 


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