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Extreme Cold Weather Alert For Montreal As Temperature Hits -25°C

The weather outside is frightful.
Extreme Cold Weather Alert For Montreal As Temperature Hits -25°C

It's no doubt that winter is already in full swing. If you ever happen to forget that the cold season came early this year, just take a look outside and you'll have no trouble remembering nightmarish winter memories.

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TL;DR This morning temperatures in Montreal feel like -25°C with wind chill. Frost bite can occur within 30 minutes when it's this cold, prompting everyone to stay indoors as much as possible until warmer temperatures.

You'd probably say Quebec is one of the most prepared provinces when it comes to freak snowstorms and completely skipping fall to dive headfirst into winter. In fact, i'm sure most of us can agree it's not even the snow that's the real issue.

It's the brutal, unforgiving cold.

And not just cold enough to start wearing undershirts and sweaters, but bone-chilling, face-freezing, unbearable coldness. Today out of all days is going to be the worst we've had so far. 

Via The Weather Network

As of now, the temperature in Montreal feels like -25°C with wind chill. This is not the weather you want to enjoy the holiday season in. In fact, this is the weather where you want to board up your windows and lock your doors and hide somewhere safe. 

Just so you know, frost bite can occur in just 30 minutes once temperatures reach below a wind chill of -19°C, so any trips outside in the city today should be super short and avoided entirely if possible.

We already knew this winter weather was going to absolutely suck in Montreal, but we definitely didn't expect it to come this early!

Stay tuned for more information on Quebec's chaotic winter weather.


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