Extreme Cold Weather Warning Is Now In Effect For All Of Montreal

Photo cred - neilalderney123

Stepping outside this morning, you probably already felt the harsh winter winds that are plaguing the city. Feeling the frost bite at your nose may have been extra awful today, but that doesn't mean you're a wuss, just human, as Environment Canada has issued an official extreme cold weather warning for the Montreal area.

According to Environment's Canada's weather alert, an arctic airmass has been frost-ifying the province, causing wind chills of -38 to a Thor-forsaken -43 this morning. As of now, the city is resting at a cool (pun!) -36. Let's hope it doesn't drop any further.

Be sure to dress extra warmly, as extreme cold warnings aren't to be taken lightly. These types of weather warnings are only given when cold temperatures and/or wind chills can quickly cause frost bite and hypothermia, so pay heed Montreal.

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