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Extreme Heat And Severe Thunderstorms Expected For Montreal Today

Some crazy weather coming today!
Extreme Heat And Severe Thunderstorms Expected For Montreal Today

Keep cool Montrealers, because you can expect the weather to be scorching again today! 

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Yesterday we had aheat warning from environment Canada, with temperatures reaching up to 40°C. It was so extreme that it was even hotter than the Sahara desert, which was 31°C. 

I don't know about you, but this kind of weather makes me lethargic and want to eat as many popsicles as I can to stay cool. 

You may have thought some relief from this insane weather was on the way, but I'm sorry to burst your bubble: there's more hot weather headed your way today.

An extreme heat warning was issued by Environment Canada for today. The maximum temperature will be reaching up to 30°C and humidex will make it feel more like 40°C for this afternoon! 

Now that is hot, hot, hot! 

Not only are we going to experience sweltering temperatures, but Environment Canada also issued a severe thunderstormwatch for later today! These conditions are favourable to produce damaging wind, hail and heavy rain. These severe thunderstorms can even produce tornadoes! 

This weather will be affecting the following areas:

  • Châteauguay - La Prairie area
  • Laval area
  • Longueuil - Varennes area
  • Montréal Island area

I do have good news though! Environment Canada is predicting a cold front for later in the day that will FINALLY put an end to this heat wave. 

You can expect some cooler temperatures soon! Fall is just around the corner!


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