Extreme Heat Warning Issued For Montreal Today

Photo cred - DeAnna Heuer Foran

Get your body ready for the heat because today is gonna be a sweaty one. Today will actually be so hot, Environment Canada issued a heat warning for Montreal and surrounding areas, which means you officially sanctioned to complain about the oppressive heat without anyone being able to call you out.

According to Environment Canada, the heat and humidity will combine to give a humidex value that nears 40 degrees Celsius, and will last from late morning to the evening. Other than the island of Montreal, the following areas have also been issued heat warnings: Châteauguay (La Prairie area), Laval, and Longueuil (Varennes area).

Global news gave us the heads up on the heat wave soon to dominate Montreal, and for more info on the weather pattern, check out their morning weather forecast here. The Gazette also has a handy list of places where you can hide from the heat, although some suggestions are a little obvious. Basically just go to public spots that have free air conditioning.

Our suggestions to stay alive include: being a boss about it and still going to the park, where light colours, calling up your ex with a pool in their building, only go to work if you have AC (otherwise just go the mall), master the art of controlling one's internal temperature via breathing and meditation, and developing ice-powers like that girl in Frozen. Above all, stay hydrated and take the warning seriously.

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