Extreme Winds Across Quebec Have Already Caused Thousands Of Power Outages And It's Only Going To Get Worse

The windstorm is expected to reach super dangerous speeds.
Extreme Winds Across Quebec Have Already Caused Thousands Of Power Outages And It's Only Going To Get Worse

In the past few weeks Quebec has been met with either rain, wind, and sometimes a little snow. We've just gotten over constant rainstorms that plagued us for days on end, with the expectation that winter will officially hit next week.

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TL;DR This morning Quebec experienced over 12,000 due to dangerously strong winds. The weather is only expected to worsen throughout the day, with gusts of wind reaching 70km/hr. Temperatures are also in the double digits today, but quickly turn into below freezing temperatures accompanied by snow next week.

Things sound pretty decent until you remember how incredibly strong the wind  has been in the province today. In fact, while you were sleeping the windstorm was so strong that it's already caused massive power outages across Quebec.

At around 6AM this morning over 12,000 homes and businesses lost all power. With half of them in the Laurentians, the other outages are all across Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière region, the Outaouis, Mauricie, and Montérégie.

As of now, the wind is still going pretty strong. You can probably hear the gusts of wind lifting objects outside and smacking them against windows, buildings and across streets (I know I can). Needless to say, it seems super dangerous just by seeing it for yourself.

The bad news is that we shouldn't expect the winds to die down anytime soon. Expect the opposite, things are going to get worse as the day continues. With winds as strong as up to 70km/hr, your best bet is to stay indoors as much as possible until it passes.

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On the bright side, the windstorm has brought most of the province warmer temperatures than we've seen in the past few weeks. Highs are reaching 10 to 12 degrees in most areas, so maybe fall weather isn't over after all.

It won't last long though, as the week continues temperatures will quickly return to single digits, trickling into the negatives by next week accompanied by snow. 

Until then, we can only watch and wait for the crazy weather in Quebec to hopefully calm enough for things to be deemed "normal" again. 


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