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Extreme Winter Storms In The U.S. Will Ruin Canadians' Travel Plans This Weekend

This weekend is probably going to be the worst time to travel.
Extreme Winter Storms In The U.S. Will Ruin Canadians' Travel Plans This Weekend

The holiday season typically means months worth of snow, slush, ice, and freezing cold temperatures. While we usually just tough it out, grab our shovels, and prepare for the long winter ahead, many of us choose to avoid it entirely and travel south for the season.

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TL;DR A severe weather statement has been issued for the eastern U.S. as a blizzard-like storm approaches on Thursday. The storm will become strongest over Sunday and affect multiple States. The Weather Network is warning Canadians that travel south for the winter to avoid or cancel trips due to heavy road closures and delays. More details below.

Well, for all those snowbirds out there, you might have to fully experience a Canadian winter this year, because travelling may be totally out of question.

The Weather Network is alerting Canadians to avoid any travel to the U.S. over the upcoming weekend due to severe weather that is about to hit most of the southeastern States.

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The storm will begin in Texas, bringing heavy snow with blizzard-like conditions as well as damaging winds, heavy rain that could lead to intense flooding, and even winter tornadoes beginning on Thursday night.

The crazy weather system will continue to roll east into Florida by Sunday. The Weather Network is warning any Canadians vacationing in a motor home to find a safer location to retreat to if, and when, severe weather commences.

Later on Sunday afternoon, heavy rain and snow are going to reach the Appalachians, meaning road closures and delayed flights are definitely going to affect travel along the coasts of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

The heaviest snowstorms are expected come Sunday night in North Carolina and Virginia, with more than a few feet of snow totally possible for these areas.

If the storm gets REALLY bad (which it definitely could), states such as Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio will see extreme snowstorms as well. 

So, Canadians, you're better off just staying home this weekend and cancelling any travel plans. Seriously, do you really want to be stranded in the U.S. while dangerous blizzards immobolize the entire East Coast? 

Stay tuned for more information on this seasons extreme winter weather.


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