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Facebook Changed Something On Your Page That You Probably Didn't Even Notice

A whole new world for certain FB users.
Facebook Changed Something On Your Page That You Probably Didn't Even Notice

Surfing the web in North America, you probably had no clue Facebook made a slight design change to its website, which isn't your fault because you probably didn't even experience the change. Anyone hitting up FB in Asia, Africa, and Europe, however, did get an FB change, one that is so minuscule they probably didn't notice either.

Up until a few days ago, every FB user, in any part of the world, saw the globe/notification button outfitted with a layout of North and South America. Now, FB users/stalkers on the Eastern Hemisphere will see their own continent on the notification-world. Check out the image below for a visual.

According to an FB representative who spoke to Quartz, the change was made "overnight," so don't feel silly if you're in the eastern half of the globe and didn't notice the switch. The cosmetic change is also only seen on the full desktop version of Facebook, so mobile wouldn't have noticed a change either.

One of the first sites to notice the difference was Tech in Asia, who also points out that Asia-Pacific is home to the largest region of FB users, double the amount in the US and Canada, so it shouldn't be a surprise FB wanted to make the FB experience more personal for those users, which was the intended goal of the FB team. Adding in a new globe for European and African users was also a nice added touch.

Take a look above for a comparison of the new world-notification FB button, courtesy of Tech in Asia:

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