Facebook Hates Your Ex As Much As You Do

Breakups are never easy. Have no fear though, Facebook has your back. Mark Zuckerberg wants to make your heartache less painful.

A new Facebook feature wants to spare you from seeing your ex's photo, status and post updates. I know how annoying it is to see your ex move on and live a fun life without you. This new feature is definitely a winner. Instead of blocking them or, even worse, deleting them from your friends list a.k.a. showing your weakness - you just turn the Breakup Protection on and live happily ever after.

Facebook will begin testing the new feature on mobile devices before deciding whether they want to actually launch it for 3.5 billion users worldwide.

Another fun addition this feature allows for is, once your Facebook status changes to single, all your past posts linking to your exes name can be removed automatically. It's like, you can actually erase that person from your life, so that you and your future bae can start fresh.