Facebook Is 10 Years Old. To Celebrate, They Made A Video Just For You

Everyone's favourite social media giant  is celebrating it's birthday today. Yup, Facebook is turning 10 year old, but it's giving you a present.

A decade ago, no one had walls, or timelines, or newsfeeds, and if you wanted to wish someone happy birthday...you had to do it in person. Weird. Life changed with Facebook, and it should be remembered.

And that's how FB is celebrating its ten year anniversary. Each and every user (yes, even you) will get a personalized video documenting their entire time on Facebook. From your first post in High School to your 'winter sucks' post last week, and all the magic in-between, this video has it all.

Click here to see your Facebook documentary →

*Caution: video can/will induce intense feelings of nostalgia