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Facebook Is Censoring Canadians' Political Opinions

Are you next on Facebook's banning hit list?
Facebook Is Censoring Canadians' Political Opinions

Facebook has always been known as the place you go for super long rants and heavily opinionated statuses. 

Especially during provincial and national elections, you can't log into Facebook without seeing dozens of photos or statuses of everyone's opinion. It's just something we've accepted to happen during campaign season.

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TL;DR Facebook is banning any accounts spreading negative publicity about any candidate in Vancouver municipal elections. This raises questions about the future of Canadian elections and whether or not voters will have the opportunity to still express their political beliefs online.

But what if there was a possibility that Facebook started banning those who expressed their political beliefs on even a small scale? 

While some think this is a step in the right direction, others have quite a few words for the social media giant's new decision.

It started with accounts associated with any heavily opinionated thoughts on Vancouver's civic election. The pages have been shut down for supposedly violating Facebook's policies. Such accounts were responsible for promoting one candidate heavily while another account targeted a candidate with negative publicity.

Facebook released a statement that says accounts such as "Vancouverites for Affordable Housing" were banned due to the account creator misrepresenting their identity, therefore violating Facebook's "authenticity policy."

Another account singling out a specific candidate was banned for supposedly spreading spam, leaving fellow users questioning whether or not they're next on Facebook's "hit list."

Despite these pages being shut down without any warning, there are still quite a few accounts up and running that have taken to shaming candidiates and speaking in a defamatory way.

So, is Facebook siding with certain political opinions and positions over others?

Despite political opinions and derogatory statements being shared on the platform for every single provincial election in the past, it looks like Vancouver's has finally struck a cord with the social media giant.

It raises a lot of questions as to whether or not even stricter regulations will be enforced for events such as the Canadian election and even larger elections in other provinces.

Only time will tell if you'll be at risk of having your account banned for expressing your beliefs on a candidate. From the looks of it, you may want to reserve your presence on Facebook for sharing photos of cute animals and staying connected with old relatives.


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