Facebook is making a bold move in the realm of mobile messaging, as the social media giant will be actively forcing users to download and use their Facebook Messenger app. Until now, one could use the main FB smartphone app, but not anymore, as FB isn't giving people a choice in the matter.

In the coming days, if you've yet to download the FB messenger app, you'll start to see a cute little otter (below) letting you know about the switch. You can ignore the prompt to download for now, but that otter doesn't take no for an answer, and the switch is happening whether you like it or not.

For those familiar, using the FB messenger app is already streamlined within the main app. When you open up a convo/start a message, your're automatically sent to the app, and can return to FB with a tap of the screen. Pretty simple, but the bouncing around can get annoying.

Still, Facebook believes the change will be beneficial for everyone. Users reportedly reply 20% on the messenger app, it has recorded video sharing built in, and has a selfie function that splits the screen in to more easily snap vanity shots.

According to TechCrunch, the messenger app alone already deals with 200 million sending 12 billion messages per day, so it makes sense for FB to focus on one chat-app, rather than maintain efficiency and functionality on both. Having chat designated to one app will make the original FB app function more smoothly, as FB promises.

In reality, the change is probably for the best, but nobody likes to be forced into anything, ever. Facebook is sure to piss some people off, but its not like you can escape FB anyway, so just embrace the change.

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