You remember when Instagram rolled out their "Stories" feature that pretty much made Snapchat obsolete, well now Facebook is trying to do the same thing to Instagram.

Facebook has officially started testing out their new stories format on their mobile app.

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The feature was first released in Ireland, but Facebook is planning on rolling it out to more countries in the next few months.

The format is the exact same as the original Snapchat stories. You simply add photos, videos, and (bonus!) statuses to your story feed, throw in your hashtags and Geotags, then all your friends can quickly scroll through all your posts from the last 24 hours.

It's all part of Facebook's plan to improve their video and photo sharing features, because as Mark Zuckerberg put it, putting video and photos first is Facebook's top priority, since people are moving away from text-based sharing.

What do you think about Facebook stories? Is it a good idea, or should Facebook stick to what they know?