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Facebook Is Not Going To Start Charging $2.99 A Month

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The internet can be a very confusing place. So many facts are shoved in your face to the point that you don't know who is sourcing what from when or if anything is really credible. Making more confusing are satire websites like The Onion or National Report, who have 'real' articles based entirely on fictional facts. The latter caused a minor uproar with their recent article on Facebook fees, but do not fret, because Facebook will not be charging users any fees.

The National Report's original piece, using entirely made-up quotes and facts, announced that Facebook would begin charging people $2.99 per month. Zuckerburg himself was quoted, "stating" that Facebook could not operate on its current scale without more funding.

None of that is really true, and most people would probably realize that if they took a second to realize that the National Report is a satirical website, but given the nature of news feeds, where people only read the headline of an article and proceed to be outraged, the article was shared around with folks thinking Facebook user-fees were a real thing.

It didn't help that a bunch of other websites followed suit, and created response articles to the news, believing Facebook fees we're actually happening.

Again, to reiterate, Facebook user fees are not going to be a thing.

A month ago, Facebook announced talks of adding a 'Satire' tag to posts from satirical news sources, so as to help people identify between a fake and real news story. You would think that people could tell a joke from a real news piece, but apparently that isn't the case. As ridiculous as it sounds, the Facebook user fee scare proves a 'Satire' tag may be a better idea than we first thought.


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