Facebook With Hashtags Is Now Official

Well we were mostly all aware that Facebook was looking at the idea of adding hashtags to its interface mostly because they want to kick Twitter off the site, but Facebook is Facebook after all didnt set any specific dates as to when this all would be implemented officialy. Today seems to be the day they are kicking things off with hashtaging. Lightly however.

Hashtags were invented by Twitter originally to make things easier to find and categorize when their site was a shit show and was impossible to sort any of it out. Quickly however they (hashtags) morphed into clickable links and became mainstream across the board. People on Facebook that have their twitter connected piss enough people off when they post something on it with hashtags. We have all been there.

The question is, why is Facebook putting this hashtag trend in motion on their site? Well here`s a quick run down.

With all that said, the support for hashtagging is sketchy and loose to say the least at the moment however. If you look on your personal FB account right now any words or phrases you hashtag are not clickable or even searchable.

Anyways, be ready because hashtags are going to blow up all over the site. Up until this date and time there has been no other easy way to tag your posts on Facebook. Hate or love love or hate them they are a really smart and useful means to keep shit organised.