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Fall In Montreal Is One Week Away, Here's What The Weather Will Be Like In The City

Whenever we make weather predictions, people get mad and say we're wrong, especially when the predictions are gloomy.

Then a few weeks later, everyone realizes we were right and wonder how the hell we knew what was going to happen.

Here's how.

We base our forecasts on the Old Farmer's Almanac and their predictions are usually 80% accurate even though they're made up to 18 months in advance.

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Every 2 months, they release their weather previews. Not only that, but The Weather Network just released their Fall 2016 forecast as well, so now we know exactly what the Fall and the Winter has in store for us.

This year's summer is nowhere near over.

The overall temperature in September and August will be above average.

September will be especially beautiful with less precipitation than normal as well as sunny skies and mild temperatures that will very rarely dip below 20ºC.

October will definitely be a little colder. But I mean, what do you expect? It's October.

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However the temperatures will still be above average by about 2ºC for the entire month.

The switch from Fall to Winter is supposed to happen very slowly and temperatures are going to remain on the warmer side until then.

We may see a "fake start" to the winter in November.

Which means winter will start early, but temperatures will be much warmer than average in December.

In fact, they say December will feel like an extension of Fall.

The rest of the winter is said to be a "classic Canadian winter" so hold on to your butts!

Check out the Old Farmer's Almanac for more info.

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