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Family Of Montreal Woman Attacked And Killed By Dog Is Now Suing The Owner

Here's everything you need to know.
Family Of Montreal Woman Attacked And Killed By Dog Is Now Suing The Owner

*Christiane Vadnais above with daughter.

It was one of the biggest local news stories of the past year, and the ripples sent the entire province in a frenzy.

I'm talking about the sad story of Christiane Vadnais, the Pointe-aux-Trembles woman who was killed by her neighbor's dog last summer.

At the time, the police claimed the dog was a pit bull, and that ended up reigniting the debate about banning pit bulls.

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But now, the family of the victim say they want to sue the dog's owner. The decision came after prosecutors decided not to press charges, even though the police thought the owner should be charged with criminal negligence. But instead, he got off without even so much as a fine.

The family believes the owner knew exactly how dangerous his dog was, since he muzzled him even when he was indoors. And although the owner said he has no idea how the dog got out of the house, the neighbors claim the dog was often left to play by himself in the backyard.

The only problem is that the owner wasn't home that day, so the dog would have been locked up in the house. And if the dog actually managed to escape by himself then the owner can't be held responsible.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens



The family of the woman who was killed by a 'pit bull' is suing the owner.


The attack happened In June - On November 30, it was announced the owner would not be charged.


The attack took place in Pointe aux Trembles.

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