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Famous Comedians Coming To Montreal For Just For Laughs This Summer

You will literally laugh out loud.
Famous Comedians Coming To Montreal For Just For Laughs This Summer

I think it's safe to say that all of us have a Netflix account. And if you're not one of those people that are willing to pay the $9.99 monthly fee, you're probably using a roommates account... or in one of my friend's case, her ex-boyfriend's account. 

Needless to say, we've all got our hands on the world's number one streaming service. Whether you're into horror, chick flicks and even romantic comedies, Netflix is always there to save the day. They've even got a solid comedy section full of amazing standup acts

And this summer, you'll be able to see your favourite Netflix comedy acts live at The Just For Laughs Fest! Here's some of the top comedians you should check out before they arrive in Montreal:

Gad Elmaleh & Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld andGad Elmaleh will be performing back-to-back performances for a one night only event to commemorate Just For Laughs' 35th Anniversary on Wednesday, July 26th at the Bell Centre.

And this isn't the first time they're working together. Both of them star in Bee Movie where an outgoing bee named Barry, takes a trip outside the hive and ends up on a balcony where he makes friends with a human (Renée Zellweger). During his trip, he finds out that humans are stealing honey from bees and realizes that his true calling is to obtain justice for his kind by suing humanity for theft.

Don't miss Bee Movie on Netflix and catch Gad and Jerry this summer in Montreal.

Get your tickets here.

Trevor Noah

via @ruminasean

You might know him as the host of "The Daily Show" and if you're not too familiar, you're in for a wild night with this one. You can expect to hear about the perils of naming countries, traffic lights and New Yorkers, and why you shouldn't drink in Scotland. You can catch him on his Netflix special, Afraid of the Dark or at Place Des Arts at Maison Symphonique on July 28th.

Get your tickets here.

Ali Wong

via @forgela

This LA rockstar has been absolutely killing it lately. You might have seen her on her Netflix stand-up special, Baby Cobra, which was filmed when she was 7 months pregnant. Needless to say, if you're familiar with the show, you're not gonna want to miss her on July 27th at Place Des Arts.

Get your tickets here.

Chris D'Elia

via @chrisdelia

If you caught his Netflix stand-up special, Man on Fire, filmed at Just For Laughs Northwest, in Vancouver, you know Chris D'Elia has absolutely no filter. Which is what makes him so incredibly hilarious in the first place. You might have also seen him on Vine where his outrageous videos made millions of people around the world LOL. Catch him on July 27th at L'Olympia.

Get tickets here.

Katherine Ryan

via @idilsukan

This Canadian girl boss is the first Canadian woman to have her own Netflix special (In Trouble) AND Britain's first woman to have her own Netflix special. You can catch her brand new show, Glitter Room, this summer at Just For Laughs. The show is 18+.

Tickets available here.

Tom Segura

This bearded comedian is coming in hot to Montreal as part of his No Teeth, No Entry tour on July 26 at L'Olympia. Make sure to check out his Netflix specials, Mostly Stories, and Completely Normal so you can start prepping your smile.

Get tickets here.

Mike Birbiglia

via @ucbtla

You can catch this comedian on Netflix by watching his stand-up special, Thank God For Jokes, or you can catch him this summer in Montreal as he performs in his new show, The New One at Just For Laughs.

Tickets here.

Jen Kirkman

via @jenkirkman

This comedian is guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing. Don't believe me? Check out her Netflix special, Just Keep Livin'?, and find out for yourself. Better yet, she'll be in Montreal this summer so you can see her live as she tells stories of her irrational childhood fears and her current irrational thoughts as a grown up.

Get your tickets here.

Jimmy Carr

via @chrisdelia

This British comedian is no stranger to sold-out audiences, especially in the UK where his Netflix stand-up special, Funny Business, was filmed. And this summer, he'll be hitting the stage in Montreal performing in The Nasty Show. This not-to-miss comedy show will also feature Robert Kelly, Godfrey, Big Jay Oakerson, Yamaneika Saunders and will be hosted by Ari Shaffir.

Buy your tickets here.

Jim Norton

via @jimnorton

Comedy superstar, Jim Norton will be officially in Montreal with his refreshingly new, unapologetic stand-up show, Far From Delightful on July 27, 28 and 29 at Gesù. Now, if you're needing a little refresher, head to Netflix and catch his previous show, Mouthful of Shame, which will have you laughing for hours.

Tickets available here.

Wyatt Cenac

via @teamcoco

This NY based, stand-up comedian has been called, "a staple of the New York alternative stand-up scene..." and we know why. His Netflix special, Brooklyn, is seriously hilarious and worth checking out twice. You can also catch him this summer as the host of All Access Live for one night only on July 29 at Club Soda.

Tickets here.

Elon Gold

via @namethatcomic

Don't miss Elon Gold's special on Netflix, Chosen and Taken, as he discusses the number of ridiculous things people tend to get away with. And don't forget to watch him live this summer as he makes his 11th appearance at Just For Laughs from July 24-27 at Maison Theatre.

Get your tickets here.

The Lucas Bros

via @camouflagecomedy

What's funnier than one comedian? Two comedians who look exactly the same! These two brothers are not only HILARIOUS but they also shared the screen with Channing Tatum on 22 Jump Street. They also have their own special on Netflix called On Drugs. Can't get enough of them? Check them out this summer at Just For Laughs. The show is 18+.

Get tickets here.

The Characters' Kate Berlant

via @kateberlant

Honestly, Kate Berlant slayed during her time on Netflix's The Characters. The show featured eight comedians doling out their wildest sketch and improv routines, and Kate - also famous for her 555 original Vimeo series - seriously stood out. She'll be taking centre stage at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival this summer; you can get tickets to check out this rising star right here.

Dave Attell

via @houseofindependents

Alright, can we talk about Dave Attell for a minute? This veteran New York City comic is hilarious, as he's proven time and time again on his overly funny Netflix special, Road Work. He'll be in Montreal this summer along with Jeff Ross, as co-headliners of the show Bumping Mics.

You can get tickets right here!

You're not going to want to miss any of these comedians this summer!

Pro tip: Make sure to check out their specials on Netflix so you can get a feel of what to expect this July. That way, you'll already know what show you'll want to check out live.

You can check out these hilarious comics, and more, at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival, going down this July 12 - 31; you can also get your tickets to Just For Laughs right here.