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Fans Are Going Crazy Over Meghan Markle's New "Royal Project" (Video)

This is so genuine and sweet.
Fans Are Going Crazy Over Meghan Markle's New "Royal Project" (Video)

Meghan Markle is under constant media scrutiny.  As an American, Meghan Markle must defend her role as the Duchess more than any other British-born woman ever would.

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TL;DR  The Duchess of Sussex is supporting a new cookbook for her first Royal charity project. She has received a great deal of positive attention and support from her fans in light of this community project.

Some of her family members have made it all the more difficult for her to transition into her new life as a Royal. 

As a result, media coverage surrounding Meghan's life is increasingly salacious and dramatic in nature and focuses on either her outfits or her family bad-mouthing her rather than on the Duchess herself.

That said, the Duchess is receiving a ton of digital love from her admirers and fans after Kensington Palace released a new Tweet showing Meghan Markle's first charity initiative as a Royal.

This charity project shows Meghan rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty in the kitchen. In other words,  it proves to her fans that she's just like you and me.

Followers are loving it. The video Tweet received 16K likes!

There's good reason: The video is actually very heartwarming and shows a genuine and compassionate side of the Duchess that is so often ignored in today's contrived and attention-grabbing headlines. 

The Duchess of Sussex is supporting a new charity cookbook, 'Together: Our Community Cookbook', which celebrates the power of cooking to bring communities together.

September 17, 2018

Meghan Markle reportedly loves to cook.

She chose to support this community of strong women as a way to bring together her passion for cooking and desire to empower and create a voice for this powerful initiative. 

Women Together: Our Community Cookbook can now be pre-ordered on here!

It's so encouraging to see all the positive comments pour in on Twitter. After a very difficult 6-months dealing with her family, I am sure Meghan Markle is very happy to see the support and admiration from her fans and followers!

As one of her fans replies below, hopefully, the Duchess's efforts will help reach a wider audience and inspire many.

And it also will reach a wider audience as well now that's she's Duchess and will inspire many.

September 17, 2018

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