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List Of All Montreal's Farmers Markets To Visit This Summer

The freshest food for the freshest season.
List Of All Montreal's Farmers Markets To Visit This Summer

Summer is all about fresh food. Spinach salads and juicy salsas tie together the season that we all know and love. And the best way to make fresh food, is to buy fresh ingredients. Obviously the grocery store works, and it's nice when you can get the food for cheap, but when you want to take your summer 'noms' to the next level, you have to spring for the best of the best.

Luckily, Montreal has a whole ton of farmers markets to choose from. If you've never been before, it's all good, take a deep breath, and read on to find the location closest to you.

1. Jean-Talon Market 7070 Avenue Henri Julien

2. Marche Bio OutremontDollard Avenue, between Van Horne and Lajoie

3. Marche Fermier5039 rue St-Dominqiue, coin A

4. Marché Champetre ChateauguayCorner of Maple and D’Anjou

5. Le Maître Gourmet: Marché de Quartier1520 Avenue Laurier Est

6. St-Lambert Market55 rue Argyle (in the park)

7. McGill Farmers Market3600 rue McTavish

8. Côte-des-Neiges Farmers Market4818 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

9. The Pâté Project4340 Avenue Des Érables

10. Maisonneuve Market4445 Ontario Est

11. Marché Champetre de RigaudBetween rue St-Jean-Baptiste and St-Viateur

12. Marché Publique 4403535 Ouest Autoroute Laval

13. Marché Saint-Jacques1125 Ontario Est

14. N.D.G Neighborhood Seasonal Market at Co-op la Maison Verte5785 Sherbrooke Ouest

15. L’Autre Marché Angus2600 rue William Tremblay

16. L’Autre Marché Rosemère339 chemin de la Grande Côte Stationnement de la bibliothèque

17. Santropol Roulant111 Roy Est

18. Marché Frontenac Seasonal MarketCorner of Ontario and Iberville

19. Atwater Market138 Avenue Atwater

20. Lachine Market1875 Notre-Dame

21. Marché Saint-Jacques2035 rue Amherst

22. Marché Citoyenne de la Petite Bourgogne1845 rue St-Jacques (Corner des Seigneurs)

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