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Fashion Magazine Says No To Photoshop

Showcasing real beauty.
Fashion Magazine Says No To Photoshop

Celebrating the natural beauty of women world- wide, Verily, a women's fashion magazine that is targeted towards 18-35 year olds has recently removed the use of Photoshop and image altering programs entirely.

In their mission to reverse the trend of air brushed campaigns, founders of the magazine, Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm, created the Photoshop free publication in order to provide honest and relevant messages to women, world wide.

While the majority of images that are seen in professional publications are heavily digitally altered, so are society's perceptions of "normal".

Unlike those publications, Verily's mission is to celebrate imperfections as opposed to hiding them.

The magazine's motto, "more of who you are, less of who you should be" depicts the publication's goals, motives and purpose entirely.

What do you think about Verily's no Photoshop policy? Should all publications begin to implement the same mandate? Let us know with your comments!

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