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Fashion Trends That Montreal Will Catch Up On In 2017

If we're lucky.
Fashion Trends That Montreal Will Catch Up On In 2017
Derek Lam Edun Boss Diane von Furstenberg Anna Sui Prabal Gurung

If you know anything about fashion, you know that it takes Montreal some time to pick up on trends. We're never really 100% relevant when it comes to street style or style in general and that's ok. We learned to live with it.

Our city is like a cute younger sister of New York, Paris and Milan who desperately tries to be like them. She applies lipstick that doesn't match her skin tone, steals their dresses and does everything she can to be just like them... It never really works out and no one actually takes her seriously because, well... she's harmless and adorable. It's like, "Awww, you're cute, Montreal!"

In case you're curious about what's going on fashionwise in the rest of the world, I've compiled the ultimate "2016 fashion cheat sheet" if you will. Perhaps, next year, you will see these trends emerge on the streets of Montreal. That's if we're lucky, of course. It might take even longer... LOL.

But hey! Keep in mind, these are nothing but mainstream-ish fashion trends... You don't NEED to follow them. It's just cool to know what's up, if you know what I mean.

So here's what Spring/Summer 2016 looks like in the world of fashion:

Bohemian Geek Chic

Gucci mixes geek and chic in a way that looks very aesthetically pleasing. A lot of colours (dominant green), textures and GLASSES. Glasses are so hot right now.

Photo cred - Alexander Wang, Wes Gordon, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Yigal Azrouël

Bedroom Apparel

Things you would normally only wear to the bedroom are now totally acceptable to wear in public. Silky and flowy, they're your best friends this spring/summer season.

Bold Colours and Pleats

It's go big or go home with this particular trend. Keep your black outfits in the closet or pair them with red accents.

Romantic Off-the-Shoulder

Exposed shoulders are literally everything right now! Notice the X-like top trend as well and take notes...

See through dresses

So delicate, feminine and sensual. This trend is actually gorgeous. Thank you Fashion Week!

Redefined White Shirt

Your white shirt will come in handy this spring/summer. Go crazy, layer it with other white tops. White is power.

Photo cred - Derek Lam, Edun, Boss, Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Prabal Gurung


Fringe should never go out of style. When you move, it moves too and makes everything look so much more gracious.

Photo cred - Dion Lee, Adam Selman, Baja east, Veronica Beard, Altuzarra


Fire orange is the colour of the season. Don't be afraid to be bold, go all out and have fun with it. Do you see what Veronica Beard did there? Orange dress with exposed shoulders. Two trends, one dress.

Low Rise Slouchy

Low rise slouchy trousers are back! Remember when these were popular in the late 90's early 00's? Yeah. Totally "in" right now.

Photo cred - Gabriela Hearst, Opening Ceremony, Jil Sander Navy, Cushnie et Ochs, Suno

Denim Dress

Denim is very relevant right now, especially denim dresses and skirts.

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